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Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

Dedicated to the restoration and preservation of

Great Lakes lighthouses


Support Lighthouse Restoration projects and purchase a raffle ticket to win a one of a kind custom GLLKA RTIC Cooler & 2 - 30oz travel mugs. 

Raffle Tickets - $10.00

Drawing Date - October 15 @ 7:30 PM

Raffle tickets are non-refundable. Ships anywhere in the continental USA.


Originally consisting of an informal gathering of retired lighthouse keepers, their families and friends, the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association (GLLKA) was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1983, making it one of the nation's longest-lived lighthouse preservation groups.

With a mission statement calling for "the preservation of lighthouses, the stories of those who kept them, and developing a new generation of preservationists", the Association's second President Dick Moehl realized the group needed to find a lighthouse to restore in order to fully bring its mission to reality.

Finding the abandoned 1873 St. Helena Island light station to be in deplorable condition, the group set its sights on adopting and restoring the abandoned relic. In 2004, we received the deed to the Cheboygan River Front Range Light, and fundraising for the restoration of that lighthouse is underway. We also work to support other lighthouse groups throughout the Great Lakes and across the nation.

To find out more about our accomplishments, visit the "GLLKA Chronology" page.

Our Lighthouses


St Helena 2012-07-28 Pepper 002.jpg
St. Helena Island Light Station
EST. 1873
Cheboygan Range 2010-05-27 Pepper
Cheboygan River Front Range Light
EST. 1880

Make a donation

Donations support ongoing lighthouse restoration projects of the St. Helena Island Light Station and the Cheboygan River Front Range Light. Thank you for your contribution.


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How you can get Involved



Members of GLLKA receive our quarterly magazine THE BEACON and can be involved in our volunteer programs and lighthouse events


GLLKA is welcoming volunteers of all trades to help at our lighthouses or lead lighthouse excursions and fundraisers

Volunteer Keepers St. Helena 2018.jpg

We offer lighthouse cruises on the Great Lakes as well as various workshops and events at our lighthouses

Poe Reef.jpeg

Every donation helps preserve Great Lakes Lighthouses and Maritime History

St. Helena front view.JPG

Your purchases help support our non-profit and our mission to preserve Great Lakes Lighthouses

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